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Life, the Universe and Much More…

Hello from David, a highly qualified and experienced, personal and professional coach, and hypnotherapist.

Because we have such a short time in the world, don’t you think we should make it as interesting and rewarding as possible, and if you’re not living the life you want, you should do something about it?

Clients bring include challenges like anxiety and stress, career development or starting your own business after 50 - a time of life when people start to ask, ‘is that it?’.

Typically, they also improve their self-belief and confidence during our time together, it may have taken a hit, but after some restoration work, they are ready to move forward.

Available face to face, and online using a range of media.

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Email or go to for further details, or why not just pick up the phone and call: 0747 625 8344.

Have a great life!

David Jamieson 

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