UK-Wide: A Life Of Grime (And Other Titles)

As a former environmental health officer I have a fund of stories about life dealing with dirty restaurants, hoarders, blocked drains, slaughterhouses, filthy housing, venomous snakes, even  a gorilla that got too friendly. 

Other talks include Waltzing Matilda Around Australia about a year travelling in the Outback, plus specific talks on each of Australia’s states, focusing on the parts not covered by the normal packaged holidays - remote NSW, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, Northern Territories, Western Australia, Tasmania, and one about the original Ghan Railway. 

Vic’s other talks are about a 25,000km car rally around South America, one about his other motoring adventures, another about Namibia, and finally as a Manxman he is happy to talk about his homeland, the Isle of Man.

All the talks (except A Life in Grime) include photos, maps etc.

Further details are on his website, including information about his books on travelling in Australia, and the Inca Trail Rally.

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