Lancashire: Goat Keeping (Basic & The Kidding Goat), Cockerham

Basic goat keeping courses are run throughout the year within our well-known meat goat herd one of the UK’s longest established. The days are designed for the complete beginner to goats and are hands on practical courses where you will learn to handle the goats and do some of the regular processes needed to keep goats healthy and happy. Topics include, legalities, feeding, dosing, foot trimming, choosing goats and building/field design.

The kidding goat courses are run only in the spring, and always during our busiest time to give the best chance you will see some goats give birth. They are a 2 day course which covers all the topics from the Basic course and the additional topics which relate to the breeding season, all the way through mating and pregnancy to giving birth and the first few days of the kids life.

With a maximum of 8 people these courses are designed to give you the best experience, we work around the questions you ask to ensure the day(s) is exactly right for you.

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