Essex: Life Story, Snake Encounters & Dance Performance, Harwich

Since 1978 I have performed as a Belly Dancer/teacher, Tarot Reader, Snake Oracle, Snake Dancer, Snake meet and greet, have run educational presentations at parties and events for all age groups and worked as a dancer all over the UK and abroad,  I have danced and presented snakes on many TV appearances.

In 1996 I began taking in peoples unwanted pet snakes there are usually about 30/40 living in Snakey Sue's Serpent Sanctuary - there is no funding for animal rescue projects so when the snakes come to live here the friendly ones go out to work to sustain all of the others. I have been told that I have a brilliant way of getting people over their fears and phobias concerning snakes, most people realise when they handle them that they are actually therapeutic. Talk demonstration from 1hour 

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