Kent: Herbal Remedy Course, Westwell

Our Herbal Remedies day takes on 2 main components:

• Firstly, the identification and collection of native plants that have herbal uses and then

• The preparation of some herbal remedies.

From the meeting point we will take you for a gentle walk around our woodland and surrounding hedgerows and show you the many trees and plants that have herbal uses.  We’ll concentrate on positive identification and uses as well discussing classification, composition and indications.

We will collect some of these plants and, after a wild foods lunch, discuss how to store them and how to make various types of remedy such as:

• Infused oils,

• Tinctures,

• Decoctions,

• Infusions,

• Ointments etc.

We will prepare and try out a selection of herbal infusions and then make some herbal remedies; this is likely to include a number of crèmes and ointments.

If you wish to take any of the remedies home with you, there will be a small fee to cover our costs.

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