Pipeline Press

"At Pipeline Press we focus on a small selection of joyful and high-quality music for the organ. Our audio range includes downloadable arrangements for organ, printed scores, and two most recent CDs by international concert organist Martin Setchell. “Cardboard Cathedral Organ Capers” and “Resounding Aftershocks” are proof of Martin’s belief that organ music should be fun. The massive sounds so typical of the organ are interspersed with light dances and delightful scherzos; famous melodies mix with less well-known organ repertoire which are gems you will be delighted to uncover. These are stand-out CDs from a top-notch performer who knows what audiences want.

Unique, hilarious organ books by Jenny Setchell have gathered a following with their light-hearted revelations of the crazy world of the organist. Notably "Organ-isms: Anecdotes from the World of the King of Instruments" is a riot of tales which appeal to musicians and non-musicians alike; "Organs and Organists: Their Inside Stories" continues the anecdotes, with the addition of  stunning photography and surprise details about the organ even organists don’t know.  Pipeline Press also has a wealth of organ-themed gifts available for those difficult-to-buy-for friends.

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