Not Forgetting The 9th The War Diary of Sgt. Cyril Grimes 1944-1945

Not Forgetting The 9th
The War Diary of Sgt. Cyril Grimes
With The 9th Battalion, The Royal Sussex Regiment

To India, Burma and Malaya
Cyril Grimes was conscripted into the newly formed 9th Battalion of The Royal Sussex
Regiment in the Summer of 1940 when he was in his mid 20’s. Towards the end of 1942
he found himself on a troop ship, bound for India. His Battalion, nicknamed the “Shiny
9th” was about to become part of the “Forgotten Army”, and the push to remove the
Japanese invaders from Burma.

Cyril’s first sight of action was in the Arakan in 1944 and for the whole of this and the
following year, he made a daily entry in secret diaries.

One of his fellow Sergeants, Jim Harris, discovered what he was doing, and long after the
war had ended, recounted the story to his family. Years later, his daughter decided to try
and find these accounts.

“Not Forgetting The 9th” is not only the story of Cyril’s war, but a tale of friendship
and discovery. The trials and tribulations of solidiering in hostile conditions, the training,
camp routines and entertainment are told in an understated but authentic voice of the
period. Cyril’s character is revealed in a very readable style and we see how he deals
with everything that comes his way. His economic prose condenses his experiences into
the confined spaces of small, flimsy papered Service Diaries. The reader can follow him
on long journeys by rail, sea and other means not only in India, but also in Burma, Malaya
and Singapore. We can also share the impact of war with him as he digs trenches, gets
bombed and loses comrades to enemy action.

This book will be of interest to both the general and specialist reader; teachers and
researchers would appreciate the information waiting to be discovered in this rare,
uncensored and unabridged account .

Accompanying maps, black and white photographs, notes, indeces and a Roll of Honour
add to the pleasure of the book.

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